Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Well, it's a start...

For the past several weeks I've been hungering to write.  I've had the time in some small respects, but not the head space.  Or when I've had the head space and drive, no convenient time.

Which may just be excuses anyway.

I have a lot of stuff in my head.  Lists, ideas, characters, nonsense, sense.  Prose and poetry, unicorns that sparkle and ghosts that haunt me (ooh, Crash Test Dummies song in my head now!).  I've been trying to start a novel.  I've been trying to finish poetry.  I've been thirsting to drink from the bounteous fountains of my muse.  (Wow, just flows off the tongue, doesn't it?  Or rather, off the fingers on the keyboard.  ;)  )

This morning I got to the new old office, less the soul-destroying stress-making place than it had been three weeks ago, and started my new, usual, routine. 

It was the eggshells peeled from breakfast's hard-boiled egg.

You know those little actions you take through the course of the day that are performed by rote with your mind elsewhere?  Brushing teeth, making food, tidying....all the while your mind is whirling and processing.  Trying to solve that one thing that's bugging you, way back in the depths of your subconscious.  Something you may not even have realized you were working through, or on, or around.

I dropped the broken shells into the garbage, little white jagged pieces fallen haphazardly amidst the scattered coffee grounds from yesterday's brew...and thus came the epiphany.  A blog!

Which explains the title of the blog.   Kind of reminds me of "Afternoons and Coffee Spoons" (another Crash Test Dummies song), lyrically rolls off the tongue, but alas, doesn't rhyme.  I can live with that.

So what will this be?  Right now it feels like the open road.  I feel the wind on my face and that feeling of being alive and free as I zoom along the highway at incredible speeds.   And if no one reads it but me, that's okay (although if I know my media junkie friends, you'll be along with me for the ride!).  This is the "me" time that my soul craves and I see no reason to deny it.

And really, why should I?

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