Thursday, June 2, 2011

Discipline and habits

One of the biggest hindrances to writing for me is making myself sit down and write when I'm feeling uninspired.  It's so much easier to start surfing or facebooking or cleaning (yes, shocking to those of you who have seen my house, I do use cleaning as a diversion too!).  Yet everything I've read from successful authors states that discipline is the key...getting into the habit of writing daily.

The trouble I have with this is that my writing is not particularly a cumulative process.  Most of my writing is churned (like butter!) in my head and doesn't make it to paper/computer until it's basically complete.  Imagine Aphrodite springing fully formed from the ocean in a beautiful Hellenic vista and you'll get my drift...or distracted by the nudity.  

It becomes a case of discipline.  Whether I decide to focus on getting some writing in every day or to allocate specific time out of my day for the mental processing, what's needed is the habit to be formed.  "They" say it takes 3 weeks for a practice to become habit - and extrapolating that, presumably the same amount of time for negative behaviour to be changed and/or modified.

Now it comes to my attention (with a big whap upside the head) that this is the key to several other goals I'm trying to achieve.  Whether they be house projects, craft projects, schoolwork, or health results.  

And now that I've come to this epiphany, I just have to figure out how to implement it...  

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