Monday, October 3, 2011

Acting like an Idealistic Healer

With focus at a premium I was unwilling to pay this afternoon, I was taking a turn about the dance floor with an old partner, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.  Much like a zombie craving brains, I was feeding the randomness of character creation with some good old-fashioned personality/character archetypes.

Really, I had you at zombie, didn't I?

My personality type is INFP, aka Idealist aka Healer, aka Actor (Um, what?  That just seems way too extroverted but okay whatever, internet).  All in all, the available definition is pretty spot on, including the parts about how I basically manage the world through intuitiveness and trying to maintain harmony.  It also reminded me I was creative.  (Okay, to be fair, I've had friends saying the same thing recently, but this is the therefore it must be true!  ;) )

The issue I'm now facing, is that while my own personality type makes it easier for me to investigate and understand others', I'm not exactly sure how to make it translate into believable characterizations.  It's also entirely possible I'm way overthinking this. 

When I read back on my creative writing from years gone by, I'm always surprised at how together it I was present for the writing.  I don't know if that makes sense, but I spend so much time now trying to focus, I have no true idea if what is being produced is even comprehensible, much less entertaining.

I did also learn today that my personality archetype's standard disorder is histrionics.  Which is a word I've loved since a just reminds me of dramatic tantrums.  And almost (almost) makes me believe I'd be allowed to get away with that.  


  1. Ohai, I'm playing catchup can you tell? Also, that whole first paragraph went way over my head. And I have a pysch degree. HAHAHAHAHAHA Life fail!

  2. Ohai, yes, I could tell. :P And the first paragraph confuses me and I wrote the dang thing!!! LOL

    Thanks for all your comments honey!