Friday, October 14, 2011

Car Conversations Round Deux

Earlier this month I blogged about the car conversation with my husband, and alluded to the fact that it was only one of many.  This morning's was rather amusing, and makes us sound kinda smart, so I thought I'd share. 

Me:  For the party tomorrow night, we only need to bring beer.  And I want to bring a hostess gift, like flowers.

Him:  Or a live skunk.

Me:  No.  I do shopping, you do logistics.  I'm not shopping for a live skunk.  Actually I think I might change shopping to procurement.

Him:  So I'd have to fill out forms in triplicate...I'd get a skunk from someone.

Me:  No, all the forms come to me.  They can be in duplicate, in tripulate.  Wait, tripulate?  Okay in whatever math levels we'll take them to.  All mine.

Him:  Capulet, Montague...

Me:  Exactly.  I'm just not procuring a live skunk.  Or a dead one before you go there.

Him:  What?  Not a dead one either?


In other randomness, yesterday one of my co-workers called me a Metal Goddess.  As in Heavy Metal music.  If my sister were still talking to me and heard this story, she'd laugh until she threw up.  


  1. That all sounded like a perfectly normal conversation. I'm sooo a member of your family! *waves a skunk at Richie* Neener Neener!

  2. You know, Becky, you don't get a skunk either.