Saturday, October 22, 2011

Life and Times

In May I switched jobs at my workplace, primarily in order to be able to work at the field office closer to my home, rather than the corporate office a fair distance away.  (It's still 40 miles' drive but at least I can commute with Mr. Eggshells now.)  As a result, this is the first year in the last four that I haven't been involved in 4th quarter/year end accounting activities at my workplace.  

I have to admit it's a little confusing to be able to take time off at the end of the month if I'd like, or even take time off anywhere in the fourth quarter.  But what's really perplexing is my complete inability to figure out what part of the month I'm in.

Not that it matters...I don't need to know that anymore.  Which is a concept even harder to wrap my head around (ooh, see I have layers!).

This morning I'm clipping coupons and thinking about time.  Mr. Eggshells and I have just come out of a very busy social month (which for us cave-troll types essentially means more than one activity).  This week alone we had four events!  We promised ourselves a day at home today and the freedom to just do whatever takes our fancy.  Now I'm thinking about the day ahead and wondering not how to fill it, but how I can get everything done that I want.  This falls into a familiar theme for me...wanting to know everything and do everything.  Picking and choosing a specific path is really not my forte.  (Which is a really nice way of saying I suspect that I have adult ADHD, except I'm rarely acting like an adult so I'm not sure if that's not a lie.  Sorry.)

Of course, this is the cry of anyone working full-time (and I suspect, even part-time but since I've never really dabbled in that I cannot say for sure).  Unless of course your job is tester of kiddie ball-rooms or silly string that is.  Then your day is likely really cool, and possibly messy.

What this really boils down to is that all those adults who said that time would go by really quickly when you're past your youth were right.  Which kinda sucks.  Because now I'm that adult.

I said nothing about being responsible in any of the above.  I win!

ETA:  OMG I used you're and your in the same sentence!  Correctly!  (Unlike earlier this week when I didn't.  *facepalm*)

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  1. You regain your Grammar Nazi crown. Huzzah!

    *and the peasants danced naked and rejoiced about the maypole.*

    *Ok, they were fucking pole dancers, alright, I admit it, just don't tell everyone!*