Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Morning Commute

Since my job transfer back to my "old" office, Mr. Eggshells and I have been commuting together.  Better for the environment, and some quality couple time. Although considering that for at least one half of those daily commutes, it's morning, I'm not so positive on my use of the word "quality" up there.

The Mr. and I have a fun dynamic overall...and we're both not morning people.  Below is a conversation we actually had this morning, based on my best pre-coffee recollection.  (Of course, it may also be an amalgam of several of these types of conversations, since they occur with alarming frequency.)

Names have not been changed, as there are really no innocents here to protect.  Well, except me.


*The Mr. stretches a hand over and pretends to cut off my left hand.*

Me:  No, you're not allowed to amputate my hand.

Him:  What?  Since when?

Me:  Since always.  Not allowed.

Him:  But it's a present.  It's better to give than to receive.

Me:  I would prefer candy or flowers over amputation.

Him:  But amputation's on the list?

Me:  Not really, but on that list, it's last.

Him:  But it's in the top 5?

Me:  No, we're not talking about everything, just those three items.  And amputation's last.

Him:  That's not fair.

Me:  It's my list.  It doesn't have to be fair to you.

Him:  Not to me, to amputation.

Me:  *stares mutely at him*


And the people at his work think they have it rough...

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  1. The whole time I read this, all I could think of was midget amputee porn, due to an out of control conversation at work.

    Also, Buffy soundtrack will make every commute better, especially when I'm singing along in my sleep!