Saturday, October 22, 2011


Try Science
Not copyright infringement...
just one more reason they rock!
The time to consider the effects of dropping Alka Seltzer cold medicine tabs into a cup of carbonated lemon water was probably before actually doing it.  Fortunately for me, it appears that I am once again a mistress at science (!), for the carbonation did not exponentially increase (all over my desk).

Speaking of Science, it has come to my attention that I've retained just enough information from my high school Science classes to be able to be incorrect in any given situation.  This is the value of education, folks.


  1. ZOMG ME TOO! I know just enough science to be dangerous.

    It didn't bubble all over your desk, or was that sarcasm? Cause I want to put some in my mountain dew and see what happens...

  2. Not sarcasm! I was really surprised, but it didn't fizzle over. Woot!