Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Car Conversations...except not in the car

In retrospect, starting a theme of "car conversations" is a bit like making a pie with only one cherry.  Since the conversations that amuse, entertain, and befuddle me (or as the Regency writers would put it "vex me greatly") are not limited to the confines of the car.  They can happen anywhere, and anytime, mostly when I least expect it.

Take, for example, last night.  Having managed to get to bed at a relatively decent hour for a work night, Mr. Eggshells and I then found ourselves in a dialogue of epic proportions.  (The term "epic" is also used ironically, but not like a black fly or anything.  The real ironically.)

Mr. Eggshells (after a particularly weird comment that I can't remember because it was so weird I had to block it out or suffer a nervous breakdown.  And don't call me a wuss for that because you just don't KNOW.):  Brain, stop that or I'll stab you with a crayon.

Me:  Oh!  Make it burnt sienna!

M.E. (ha! get it?  but it's not me, it's Mr. Eggshells): Burnt sienna is for amateurs.  Blue is the color.

Me: What the hell?  Burnt sienna is not for amateurs, it has layers 'n stuff.  Plus you can use it for coloring the chocolate chips in cookies.

M.E.: Burnt sienna?  What happened to, um, I don't know, BROWN?

Me: Well then burnt sienna is for the cookie part.  I don't know it's been years since I drew them.  But either way it's better than blue.

M.E.: (blah blah blah some argument for blue)

Me: *starts to comment but stops* I just realized that we're now having a full-on debate about which color crayon you'll be stabbing your brain with.  We're so not doing this.

M.E.: *can't speak for laughing*

I don't remember much else of the conversation, but at one point before falling asleep I made the point that I was strengthier.  Because that's apparently so much easier to say than stronger.  

I think he won this round.  Dammit.

ETA:  Mr. Eggshells, upon reading this, reminded me what it was that he said that I blocked out.  It was that he was hungry and wanted fish sticks (at 10:15 pm).  Pity me.  

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  1. I totes pity you, only cause I'm living with him now too! But you're both so adorkable I could DIE! If the cat doesn't kill me first.