Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Recently, I had an interesting revelation when it came to my husband and I.  (No, not that we're totally adorable, even though that is true.  But I've known that for years so it doesn't quite count as a revelation.)

No, it's that it is overwhelmingly obvious he grew up with two siblings and I was raised with one.  (Although I should probably said he was raised, because we all know he never really grew up.   ;)  )

That's not the revelation.  Of course I knew that long before we were married.  But y'all should know by now that I build up to my huge announcements of life-altering proportions.  I mean, what's the point in cultivating a teensy bit of a flair for the dramatic if I'm never going to use it?  

Mr. Eggshells gave me three cookies in my lunch today.  See?  Proof positive!

No, it doesn't matter what kind of cookies they were (Oatmeal Rocks...and aren't you all jealous - and if you don't know what those are, just suffice it to say you are very very jealous!!!), but that there were three of them.  Not two, not four, but three.

To a person raised with two siblings, three - or multiples thereof - is the number of balance, harmony, and sharing.  To a person raised with one sibling, three is a number of immense confusion, adjustment and, dare I say it, fractional math.  I dared.

I never realized how much that particular concept had attached itself to everything I did until I married the Mister.  I allocate everything into the balance of my own paradigm.  Even numbers are fair, easily arranged, and comfortable to me.   That's why I buy four apples, and why when he buys three oranges I'm unconsciously yet frantically trying to figure out where the extra one goes.  (This week it went into an orange and fennel spinach salad with a raspberry vinaigrette that you're jealous of as well, by the way.)

But I digress.  The point is, that it's a complete revelation to me at age (40+) 29 that my childhood patterned so strongly and so subliminally that it actually causes me to acclimate to the "stressor".  

I have no idea if my purchasing or providing four items jars the Mister as much as three does to me.  I suspect not, because he's more comfortable with math than I am, and the fraction thingy doesn't drive him nuts.  Plus his OCDemon is weirder different than mine.

It does make me ponder, however, what other behaviors of mine are ingrained to this degree that I haven't figured out yet...

In the end however, I guess it doesn't really matter.  I got THREE cookies after all.  Yay!

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