Monday, March 12, 2012

Cookie and the Coloring Book

Before I post about this, I need to confide in y'all that I miss the "u" that Canadian words have.  It makes them seem fuller or more balanced or something.  I no longer type them in by accident anymore but I still think it looks strange to type "color" instead of "colour".  I also think it's fairly heinous of Microsoft to make me choose one spell check language.  But that's a rant for another day.

Now onto the show.  Erm, story.

A few days ago one of my Facebook friends posted a NSFW link to a coloring book. Since I was at work, and despite the fact that we have relatively little issue around such things, I decided not to click it.  (Okay the real reason was that I was actually super-busy at work.  I know, right?  What's up with that??)

I did, however, feel the need to send it on to my work partner-in-crime.  You remember her from this post (and if you haven't read it, then you're behind and a bad reader.  No cookie for you.  Heh, get it?  Because it's FUNNY!).

I prefaced the link with the fact that it was not for children's viewing without some discussion and that she should make sure her impressionable youngsters did not get a full view without some dialogue.  

A coloring book seems innocuous enough, but this was an aid to discussing reproduction with children...and it was a coloring book of vaginas.

Oh baby, oh baby
Now I'm not anything like a prude, nor am I against understanding and knowledge.  I was taught the "facts of life" (you take the good, you take the bad...) age-appropriately and knew how babies were made from the age of 5 or so.  My parents encouraged questions and answered them without stigmatizing anything to do with the sex act.  I remember being at friends' houses and sharing their books on the birds and the bees (complete with cartoon people who looked nothing like Barbie and Ken).  Actually thinking about it now, those cartoon characters kind of looked like Peter Griffen.  Both of them.           

But I have to admit, the vagina coloring book is kinda weirding me out.  I mean, I get that it could be very useful...but I'm having trouble picturing some child sitting down and coloring in the anatomically correct hoo-hoo.  I can't imagine it holds any major's not like a Disney Princess or Dora the Explorer.  There's nothing really tangible for a child to connect with.  And older kids, who might be around the timing to actually learn from it, would generally seem to be well past coloring stage.

In and among this confusion, I ship the link off to Cookie, mostly for a laugh, truly.  And of course, her pre-teen daughter walks in on her looking at it, full screen, vag-city.

"Ewwww MOM!"

The obvious connotation that her Mom spends the work day pre-occupied with sex aside, that seems to be a pretty clear indictment of the vagina coloring book...when the intended audience is really not all that interested.

And I'm not even going to tell you all about the sperm cookbook link I sent her too.  Suffice it to say, the interwebs are a vast and scary place, and Facebook is an automatic delivery system.

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