Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Because really, a t-shirt is pretty awesome.

On this morning's commute we had the radio on for a traffic notice and when it was done, we switched to a local radio station.  Note that we normally opt to play MP3s on our drive, since we hate commercials.  

Note also that we're both really tired today.  Which isn't so different from other days, really.

This conversation starts as an ad finishes for Lasik, where the woman radio person thanks the man radio person for the gift of 20/20 vision.  Several years ago I facilitated Mr. Eggshells' own laser eye surgery and he routinely thanks me for making it happen.  

Me:  And you're welcome for the gift of 20/20 vision.  Actually you're welcome for the gift of me in your life.  Because I'm just that awesome.

Mr. Eggshells:  You got me a t-shirt once.  I liked that.

He wins, again, the bastard.  I'm still laughing.

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    p.s. I'm amused that the ad below says, "Jesus is Love, Christian single dating." Just because, you know, atheist and all that lol