Thursday, May 30, 2013

Click it or... don't click it?

My best friend in the webiverse, Wikipedia (sorry, youtube, but when I have a headache you're just too noisy!) tells me that wearing seat belts in cars became mandatory where I grew up in B.C., Canada on October 1, 1977.

(I have to stop right here for two reasons.  One, I had to change the font, because I'm a font aficionado and apparently cannot write with the wrong font on display.  *cough*Princess*cough*  Two, I held a lengthy debate with myself, in my head, about the merits of writing in serif versus sans serif while having a headache.  If I've lost you, you should probably be happy because that was major geekage right there.  In public even.)

Where was I?  Oh yes, seat belts.  Anyway, even though I was an extremely young zygote at the time, I was aware enough to recall certain aspects of the campaign they had to make sure everyone started wearing their seat belts.  Over were the fun Saturday afternoons where we rode on the wheel wells of the pickup. Or so they thought...because we still did it!  Viva la revolucion! (Which is apparently Spanish and not French as I was trying to type it...damn, not perfect again).

Several years pass and the campaign works.  Now to anxiety Eggshells grrl, not wearing a seat belt...bad!  Not having enough seat belts for your passengers...super bad!  Seat belts.  Until finally it's such a habit that it feels weird to not wear one.  Oddly enough, this was also around the time when I was no longer able to get away without a bra in public and had apparently become used to being trussed up in various forms of bondage.  That's the story I'm sticking to anyway.  

Then I move to the U.S. where wearing seat belts have been mandatory and law since sometime that y'all should know because you're from here and I couldn't find it easily on the internet, so gave up after a minimal attempt at searching.  (About 15 minutes ago, I told my hubby I wanted to watch that t.v. show with the faeries and quests...he started laughing and fired up the video game he's playing that I was referring to, so now I'm kinda distracted by this episode. Erm, quest.)

Anyway so I move here and to give the benefit of the doubt (I'm just so magnanimous no wonder y'all love me!), let's say it's only been 20 years since these laws were passed.  It's probably more like 30, but we all know there has to be someone fighting a safety measure because it infringes on their right to off themselves dramatically in a fiery spectacle along with several innocents.  Which of course would tie anything like this up in legislative red tape for a while.  I might be snarky tonight.

This means that for the last 20 years, this has been a law, punctuated by fines if you're caught breaking it.  We are told by experts in their fields that learning something new to make it a habit takes about 3 weeks of repetition.  Considering the car-culture here, I think that's being generous in this particular learning curve, but okay we'll take it.  That leaves 19 years, 11 months and 1 week of learned behavior.  Learned behavior that is in our best biological interest (read: doesn't kill us off as a species), is one that is typically passed down to future generations, whether on a genetic or a shared knowledge level.  

Where am I going with this you ask?  Wait, where am I going with this?  Oh yes, to the point.  Which is...*stalls for time*...

That we've had cars around since 1879 (holy crap, dude!) and that we've only been regulating this one safety aspect for 20 years obviously means that this is totally the man repressing our rights!  No, wait, what I mean is that it's obvious that there should be no one older than say, 30, in existence because of this life-saving measure.  

And yet...there are old people EVERYWHERE.   I know because I am one they're in every place that I'm trying to walk, drive, or otherwise exist.  So if these people have been driving for more than 30 years, they drove without seat belts.  And survived!  We've been hoodwinked but good!  Bastards!

All I can say is that they went to a lot of trouble to stop me being able to enjoy that ride in the back of the pickup.   

(And of course, put on the seat belt...I'd miss you if you weren't around maintaining my readership levels.  ;)  )

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