Saturday, May 25, 2013


Apparently that's what I've been on, without even realizing it.  Go me!  It's truly impressive in my own mind to be doing something when I really thought I was just slacking. 

In truth, life has just been extremely busy, and frankly, very disheartening on some levels.  Personal "stuff" that I don't really want to share (but I do still love you all, with the burning intensity of a supernova...and I had to go look that up to make sure I was actually talking about a real thing that was sufficiently high enough on the star life-cycle scale so you know my love is true), but needless to say it's been hard to feel like being my usual ditzy effervescent self with a millstone around my neck.

But sometimes, sometimes, you just have to push through.  Life stuff happens to everyone at some point, and <insert positive reinforcement here>.  It makes us stronger, or better, or more tired.  Or something.  Anyway, like some really witty analogy, I'm back.  (And there was much rejoicing!  You are rejoicing aren't you?  If you're not, you know I'm pouting at you vehemently!)

I should probably mention that I'm tipsy right now.  But this post still counts!  Waxing prosaic (since we're all very aware this is so not poetic!) while tipsy is really a time-honoured writing tradition.  (Ooh, look what I did there, a Canadian spelling.  You can take the girl out of Canada...).  I'm like Hemingway or Poe.  But then, loyal readers, this is probably not news to y'all.  

Okay you didn't realize it but I just took a 20 minute cat break.  People say that the hardest part about writing is just settling down and doing it, but they're wrong.  Those people do not own cats.  Because for a cat owner, the hardest part about writing is prying the cat off the paper/keyboard.  True story.  And it's not just fiction as some might suppose, I have cats that will sit on non-fiction and even schoolwork.  They are multi-talented, my wee beasties.

Segue:  Fun sized Snickers.  The ultimate evil or best creation ever?  I can't decide.  Right now I'm just calling them dinner.

I've decided (just this second mind you so this might be a really crappy plan when I sober up), that to help me post more regularly, I will attempt to do a weekly round up of 5 things that I learned or that caused some sort of impact to my world.

Here goes for this week:

1.  Bridges fall.   Here on the West Coast, I-5 is pretty much the gateway to everything.  When I-5 is stunted, the world slows, colours are dimmer, and the balance of power shifts.  Remembering that we are but mere mortals against such forces as gravity (and other physics concepts I'm sure were in play but of which names I'm ignorant) when you see something like this on a road you've traveled hundreds of times....well it's a little startling at best.  Thankfully, there were no major injuries or any fatalities.  

2.  Sometimes I am smarter than I think I am.  I keep thinking that I'm a relative newbie in my job, but then I'm reminded (usually by a client meeting) that I've actually got a lot of this handled and under my belt.  (Except that I don't wear a belt, so that's really under my pants, but honestly, it's not that kind of job....).

3.  Family, no matter how far away, is always close in my heart.  And for the most part, I'm always in theirs.  That point was brought close to home this week.  I'm very thankful for them, no matter where they might be.

4.  I have several dozen ways to slack from things that I should be doing.  This week I'm working on being cognizant of when I'm overdoing the slack and trying to remedy.  (Tomorrow, since that's how procrastination works, right?)

5.  Taking a break, even of only a few minutes, can change the perspective and perception a hundredfold.  (Wow, just think of what my months-long hiatus did for that!)

And on that note, I will bid you adieu.  To you and you and you.  


  1. I can't concentrate on the blog... In between the "follow by email" and the "Followers" on the right hand side, it says there's an error in this gadget. I'm now obsessed to know what gadget I'm missing and why I even had it... and what the error means in the larger scheme of things.

    As for the bridge... Bridges are a particular phobia of mine. Have been ever since I heard that London Bridge was falling down as a child. That's a pretty awesome bridge. If you can't trust it... what bridge CAN you trust? Hmm?

    You also present me with another dilemma... re: the slack. Until one has "overdone" the slack, have you actually slacked at all? Until you cross the "too much" threshhold - are you really slacking or just goofing off? Or are you slacking the entire time? If you're doing and thinking the entire time about something that you'd rather be doing, aren't you still slacking, even if you're getting things accomplished, since it doesn't hold your entire focus? I think we could make a case for anything or nothing here... depending on how fervently we wish to hold onto our respective slacks. (Not to be confused with pants, which requires a whole other set of confusing rules... and sometimes more hands.)

    Glad to see you blogging again :) Love you, chica! Now let me see if I can prove to the site that I'm not a robot and post this comment. ;)

    1. (In the second paragraph, it ate a phrase. "If you're doing whatever pays your bills, and thinking the entire time..."

    2. Well I certainly appreciate you braving the BloggerTM system to post on the actual blog. I'm sorry it ate a paragraph; unfortunately, not only did I not feed it my pearls of wisdom (spaz) for 6 months, but also I did not share my fun size SnickersTM either.

      Thanks for the heads up on the gadget...I've fixed that now so it does not distract. For the curious it was a twitter feed that I don't use anyway.

      I didn't have a problem with bridges per se (growing up on a river delta you get used to them), until I had friends in high school who were injured/killed near one. And don't even get me started on the bridges in Portland...those things seriously freak me out. Although it is marginally better when I'm driving. No control issues here. :P

      Re the slack, I honestly think that there are levels of slack to which we should aspire. Kind of along the lines of "how do you know you have it good if you don't experience a little bad". Which is an argument I actually despise (because, hey, I can appreciate having good things happen to me without having heaping piles of crap along with it). However, unless one takes that break from accomplishments, you don't have guilt. And as we all know, guilt is a superior motivator.

      As for goofing off versus slacking, I think that's the "hey I missed writing in this blog for a couple weeks" versus "unwritten hiatus for six months" (respectively). As for the split focus, since my mind works optimally when I'm overtasked, frenetic, and my OCDemon is squabbling with the ADD, I can't really speak to the percentages of mental acuity for each task. For example, at work I'm parsing legal documents and doing cost analysis, while writing erotica scenes in my head. I couldn't tell you I was slacking on either of those items, but I can tell you that I rarely mix the two up. (And when I do it's just to see if my clients are reading my work.)

      I'm not wearing pants right now. That might be TMI.