Sunday, June 23, 2013

Updating the Blank Title After Publishing The Blog...Because Classy is How I Roll.

Before you carry on reading, I wanted to remind y'all that if you like to keep up on this blog, you can sign up for email alerts when a new post is up.  That's what I've done and it's SO helpful for me to know when I've posted something new!  Plus, when the email comes in, my phone makes this whistling alert sound and Mr. Eggshells answers it with the Old Spice jingle.  It makes me want to sign up for all the things.  All.the.things.

My news for this week is...

I am wiped out.  I'm not sure when exactly it happened but I think I ran out of both mental and physical energy on the same day earlier this week and I've been coasting on fumes ever since.  I decided I should go back and figure out where this might have happened.

Work as usual, busy day of...whatever it is I do.  Honestly I've never had a job where ADD was a requirement and I've learned the hard way to finish a task and remove it completely from my brain lest I start bringing this stuff home with me.

Wait, I just remembered I went on a site walk to a water tower.  I'd never seen one up close so that was fun.  Lots of walking and we got lost, but I swear it wasn't my fault, even though I was navigating and the guy driving is a liar, I'm pretty sure of it.

Monday evening was work around the yard.  Since Monday is garbage day, we like to make sure we're the first of our neighbors to refill the gigantic bin.  Since ours is quality garbage*, it lines the bottom of the bin and makes a nice buffering bed for their crap garbage.   Yard work included the Damn Ivy which I have now made a proper noun because in many parts of the yard it's as large as a linebacker.  (And I know what that means now because I watch football.)

*I know someone's going to ask: it's quality garbage because it's ours.  Duh.  :P

Mr. Eggshells and I were working steadily as the rain started, which is really not a big deal - if life stopped here in the Pacific NW because of a little rain, we'd never get anything done.  When it started thundering we decided maybe we didn't want to swede the rainy golf scene from Caddyshack, and I had one last gigantic rope of Damn Ivy I wanted to remove.  But it was stuck, and stuck good.  Have I mentioned Damn Ivy is almost as stubborn as me?  I gave it 3, 4, 5 good pulls and then my stubborn had kicked up a notch, because I was definitely going to win this one.  Except that when I gave it one last mighty attempt and it broke free...I wasn't prepared.  Down I went, fortunately on my well-padded posterior (I knew there was a good reason for keeping that...).  Happily I missed implanting any body parts on the re-bar that was on the ground nearby.  I was graciously allowed to warm a chair for the rest of the evening and not get into anymore trouble, while Mr. attempted to recover from the near heart attack I'd given him.

You'd think that would have been enough, but there was still a whole week to get through.  First thing Tuesday morning I had a client meeting at their office, so I drove myself to work.  That was the first change to my morning routine.  The second was discovering rather unfortunately that my flash drive with my half-written, decidedly non-work-related novel had fallen off my key ring sometime last week and had been floating around the office.  No one had looked in the flash drive until that morning though, so at least there were only  a couple of us to witness that dramatic and unwelcome intersecting of my personal life and work.  Happily, I work with respectful people who understand boundaries, but even though things were fine, I was feeling a little off-kilter.  Which is exactly what you want when you're an introvert in a new client situation.  Trust me, you really really do (shakes my head while I say this).  In the end, I think things went fine, and I'm sure it was a growth opportunity.  Or something.  I'm calling it a win, and now my flash drive has a pretty label with my name on it.

Chester, 98% of the time when I'm on the laptop.
I got nothing.  Seriously, nothing.  Did we even have a Wednesday this past week?

I worked from home.  Which meant mostly that I perfected typing on a laptop with a cat in my lap.  Kind of like I'm doing now.  *stares at the cat passed out on my leg*  At least he's warm.

In between work activities I broke and repaired our paper shredder.  Because I'm just that good.

The thing I recall most about that day was borrowing Despicable Me from my boss.  If you haven't seen it, frankly you're missing out.  And probably more of a loser than I am for not having seen it yet.  Very cute.

I also came to the realization, not for the first time, that managing my work email is a full time job for one person and I already have a full time job doing the actual work.  

Bead class!  As soon as I figure out how to send myself an email from my phone (shut up, I've only had it 2 months), I'll post a pic of my pretty necklace.  I also learned that I still suck at bending wire for earrings but that my darling bestie who took the class with me is aces at it so I can delegate.  Erm, I mean partner.  

After bead class it was dinner and Munchkin.  I didn't win, but I did have the best accidental frosting on the arm incident.  That's at least something.  Plus I got to play dinosaur finger puppets with an almost-3 year old.  Definitely winning. 

It's like I just did this all a week ago.  Groceries, laundry, cooking, cleaning.  Okay well a couple of those anyway.  I did cook today.  If there are no more posts, it's because I've finally managed to accidentally kill us.  (I keep telling people there's a very good reason Mr. Eggshells does the cooking.  Because I'm smart enough to have married a guy who knew how.  ;)  )

Looking back through this list, I'm going to go with Wednesday for the day I broke.  Since I can't remember it, it's obvious that something of cataclysmic proportions happened.

And with that, enjoy your week, y'all.  :)

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