Tuesday, June 25, 2013


This morning, during my normal rush to get out the door with limited time because I am increasingly unable to get my butt out of bed, I accidentally knocked a hair clip into the bathroom sink.  Unfortunately, since there's no plug or stopper in said sink, it started making its way down the pipe.  

Mr. Eggshells was nearby so he ran and got one of those tool things that boys always know the names of and I never get right anyway even when I try to name them so don't even bother now.  In almost retrieving it, it then dropped and fell further down into the pipe.

We decided to head to work and deal with it tonight.  The funny thing about "deal with it later" is that later always comes.  I mentioned to Mr. that I really didn't like it when things I did, even by accident, meant more work for him so he told me that when it came time to retrieve the clip, I would have an active role so I could learn.

Anyone who has met me, or read more than one or two blog posts here, has probably surmised - and correctly - that I'm a bit accident prone.  The fact that Mr. Eggshells even entertains the notion of me helping with anything beyond sitting in a chair is a testament to his overwhelming yet charming naivete faith in and love for me.  

I'm on the floor of the bathroom, loosening the plastic pipe (and yes, I did have to ask if it was a lefty loosey/righty tighty scenario), and doing rather well.  With the first clamp spot.  The second was a little hard to budge, but Mr. Eggshells got it started and I finished up.  As I'm asking if the pipe just pulls out once loosened, I am actually pulling the pipe out.  

Now the pipe is full of water.  A little had dribbled out as I was removing the plastic, and so I asked Mr. if I just needed to dump it out.  At his positive response, I did so.  Right into the sink above me.  

I replaced the pipe and got out of my wet clothes.  But since I was successful, now I'm a plumber, right? 


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