Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Week in Review

Well, well fancy seeing all of you masochists fine folks here.  It's a summer heat wave here in the Pacific Northwest, which basically means I'm sitting in the hottest room of the house since it gets the best internet connection.  My ultra geek husband recently told me about these new super cool new light bulbs that actually have wi-fi in them.  So they not only light up your house, but act as a booster/extender signal.  Conceivably this means I wouldn't actually have to sit in the pit of Hades just to write y'all a blog entry.  At some point.  In the future.

I'm not a geek.
Which is not today.  So as a testament to my utter stupidity love for you all I thought I'd recap a few of the week's highlights.  This time in numerically ascending order because screw you David Letterman!  (No, not really.  I like him and all but, well, no.)

1.  I killed a dragon!  Okay...I helped kill it. was a dragon built out of wood and canvas. actually helped us kill it by damaging itself. was a pretend dragon in a game.  (The fact that this is listed as a highlight of the week probably says something about me, but darned if I know what it is.)  Oh, and here's a map picture of the place where the dragon lived before we killed it. 

I have to explain too, we have a person playing this tabletop game with us via Skype.  Because the group is not only "geek", but "technical geek", we had a craft lamp attached to the chair behind the laptop to be able to attach the webcam to sit above the table map.  It was pure genius and I realize by just explaining this I'm losing any non-geek cred I might have.

2.  I figured out how to get photos off my phone!  As evidenced by my admission of technological prowess, just the fact that I can use a phone is reason to call someone important and report it.  I don't know who but I'm sure one of my smartass readers will let me know.

They remind me of candy.
Anyway, I mentioned in this blog post that I'd gone to a beading class and made a pretty.  And now you can all see it too!  You can also see the injury on my wrist referenced in the same blog post above, where I fell while fighting the Ivy.  Sometimes the symmetry of life is just astounding.

3.  I'm not sure what #3 was going to be, really, but I distracted myself with the comment about the light bulb above and a funny that happened when I'd first moved here to the U.S. and got married.  As some of you may recall, I was very very (VERY) stressed out and homesick, and everything here was weird.  I'm not a stupid person by any means, but I don't always put the pieces together in what some would term "logical".  

Hubby had bought me a bedside lamp and a couple months afterward, the light bulb went. We'd had a couple of things break that had needed to be replaced, so my comment was that we'd have to replace the lamp.  He looked at me amused with that little "Oh honey." smile and suggested we could just replace the bulb first and see if that took care of things.  Now when anything in the house breaks, we discuss if it's just that it might need a new bulb.  

For reference, that's a mini-fridge
and a standard-sized chair.
4.  Due to heat, we purchased a fan today.  Actually I described it wrong.  We purchased a big ass fan today.   On low, it sounds like a jet engine and I'm pretty sure given the chance it would eat one of our pets.  Fortunately it runs on electricity and not animal sacrifice, so we should be okay there, at least for a little while (reminder to self, pay the utility bill tomorrow because you love your pets).  

Note that the box it came in (in the back of the photo) was populated by a cat for most of the afternoon.  I love multi-purpose purchases.

So we will likely be deaf, but at least we'll be cool.  

5.  We had a potluck at work and my coworker signed up for "strawberry salad".  I thought this was going to be like a spinach salad with strawberries in it.  She said no, jello.  I then pictured a jellied fruit salad.  But NO!  It was the most amazing delicious food and in all my years I'd NEVER HEARD of it.  You take cottage cheese, add a dry jello mix and a tub of cool whip.  And fruit as you want.  Put it in the fridge, let it set a bit.  I made a black cherry one and we had it with dinner because it was nice and cool.  With the weather forecast I'm considering a vat of this.  Possibly to lie in.

And with that, I'm going to get this laptop off my lap and treat the 2nd degree burns to my legs.  ;)

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