Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A New Trend in Shaming

I'm completely ignoring my absence here.  Mostly because I can't really remember what I've been doing for several months to be able to justify said absence.  I think it's involved cleaning out closets and power washing. 

All over the internet are examples of pet-shaming.  If you haven't seen them then you suck and get an internet life already.  Basically these are photos of beloved pets, taken with a note of what these pets have done inappropriately.  They range from mildly humorous to wildly hilarious, mainly because the animals in question do not care they're being shamed.  

In that vein, allow me to present what I hope becomes a viral trend on the internet, photos optional.  

This is a car conversation and just for the record, Mr. Eggshells and I are simply exhausted from throwing together and executing a wedding in 3 days for dear friends.  There's a reason I'm in project management and he's crazy.  

That's no moon, it's a space station. 
In an effort to keep awake while driving (highly recommend!), we were sharing stories of things we'd read recently.  Mr. launched into a story he'd read about a woman that forgot to remove her moon cup for 2 weeks.  For those not in the know, a moon cup is a type of feminine protection for that time of the month (as opposed to all the other times of the month).  It's shaped (as one would expect) like a cup and generally has a piece of plastic used for removing it from whence it hath been inserted.  

Now I'm not sure how anyone would actually forget that was inside them (although what a testament to comfort!) but we'll just leave that part of the story alone.

This is the ensuing conversation:

Mr.:  I always forget to remove my moon cup.
Me:  You don't wear one.
Mr:   Sure I do.
Me:  Where?  Down there?
Mr.:  Yup!
Me:  Which means it's on upside down, right?
Mr.:  I suppose so.
Me:  So it's basically a dunce cap.
Mr.:  No...
Me:  This is a new thing now.  Penis shaming.  
Mr:   Um, no.
Me:   No, really.  A picture of a penis with a dunce cap with the note "I make bad decisions."  I think it'll catch on, for reals.

Okay internet, make it happen.  


  1. Alas! I don't have the requisite equipment to "make it happen."

    However, if Mr. Eggshells does decide to leap to the forefront of this upcoming viral dunce-a-palooza... might I suggest the addition of propellers as were found on the beanie caps of yore? A touch of whimsy is always nice!